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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 20, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, fired at fox. after 20 years the cable news network cut ties with host bill o'reilly and he's not going quietly. new security procedures out in front of the white house. i'm melanie alnwick. i'll tell what it will mean for those selfies in front of the south lawn. saving metro. the transit agency's general manager wants a new model and $500 million in extra funding to try to keep the system back on track. what he told
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and where the money could come from. >> tie breaker for tj. >> and later, no matter who you root for, it was a good night for d.c. sports fans. we'll have highlights for the caps are the wizards and the nats. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ i ain't heard this song in awhile. >> i'm so he happy we're playing it today. >> in that case -- ♪ >> the one finger steve. >> oh, man. >> that is that is true. good day d.c. i'm maureen umeh along holly, steve and wisdom martin. >> what a great night it was. let's talk about the weather before we dive into the winningness of d.c. we were winning with the forecast yesterday. today -- >> not as much. >> artistic look with the drops on the lense. >> two days ago. yesterday was cloudy too. i think we
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song. >> why? >> we just winning. >> how can you be bringing us down? come on. it was ws all around. >> we're cooler than that. >> okay. >> maybe we'll -- >> how about last night i took an l and today i bounced back. >> i like it. big sean, right? >> yeah. >> here we go. >> i'm just saying. i'm working with you. >> i appreciate that. i often don't make sense. any time anybody works with me i appreciate it. reagan national 60 degrees. we got showers out there at the moment these will move through quickly it won't be a rain out today but we got quick moving rain showers we'll get break here kind of midday. and that's with a little sunshine i think we'll see here. that's when we'll start to really warm things up and we shall be in the low -- yesterday we were in the low 60s today low 80s 20 degrees warmer than that this afternoon. and the air mass kind of inherent the unstable here. don't have anything really driving thunderstorm activity but would not be at all surprised if we don't see a few showers or thunderstorm pop this afternoon. so just keep that in mine even if you're getting sunshine at 2:00 olo
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storms develop later this afternoon. notice how warm it is. yes degrees. nice and warm and very summery around here later today after these early morning showers. okay. i'll be back at 9:30 with plenty more opinions that don't matter. >> you always matter, tucker. >> you're on the right show for that. >> thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> i kid. >> the weather is a bit dreary now. so too is the traffic still to inner loop of the beltway prince george's county. this has been hunk up since tractor trailer overturn right around sick clocks this morning. two people were hurt. they have non-life threatening injuries. now, the inner loop ha had been completely closed between allentown road and pennsylvania avenue but the crash has just cleared completely. all lanes back open. however, the inner loop delays still stretch for miles. >> wow. okay. the big story at nine today metro needs money and lots of it to keep running. >> metro general manager laid out funding plan to keep the transit agency a float. he toll us the odds that he's facing to get it done. fox5's annie yu live
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place met though rotation with more on this proposal. good morning, annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning to all of you. yeah metro gm paul wiedefeld came out with this plan, and it's a very comprehensive plan, and it basically outlines how he plans or how he wants to make metro more reliable, much safer, and it also addresses the long-time funding issues of this transit agency. and you know it's not going to be easy which he admitted, but it's not going to be easy because he needs other leaders to get on board talking on the local level as well as the federal government level. does he remain hopeful i'm want to show you some of those changes that he is proposing. if you look on your screen we're starting it off with metro needing $15.5 billion over the next ten years. he makes it clear these are for investments to remain safe and reliable on the rails. and he's looking to local governments for some of that money. he also says laib costs need to be cut in order to avoid a budget crisis. no pensions for new employees and that metro should have the plex ability to outsource some of its operations as well
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facilities. he's also calling on local lawmakers to establish a dedicated source of funding that will provide about 500 million anannually for w tmata long term maintenance needs much this plan is about the customer and better many of riders adding it's necessary to get this money they can make vestments in the system and tackle those problems before they happen. take a listen. >> what this plan is really about is about our customers. for this system to maintain, you know, the quality that we all want, for this system, we need to invest in it much it's a 40-year-old system it's a $40 billion investment we've made in this system and protect that going forward we need to make these types of impro improvements. a lot of things we're going through the customers are going through we haven't kept up with investment. so as things wear out we're to the getting ahead them before they wear out. they wear out literally as the trains are running and we have to change that whole dynamic and what this allows us to do to just do that. get ahead of these thing before they
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>> reporter: now one of the first to praise the plan was virginia democratic senator kaine and he said he's in support of this plan. it's one of several proposals that we shall seriously consider. and so we have heard from him. we're still waiting from other local leaders but i think it's also interesting that the general manager asked added during your interview steve and allison that you know when he first came on board that he didn't realize how deep these issues were, and now that he's faced head on with it, he's moving forward. he's tackling them one by one. you know, it's interesting that he didn't realize the capacity and the depth of these issues that metro was dealing with. back to you in the studio. >> i'm not sure anybody realized just how bad it was. >> i will say i'll give him credit he took the complete blame for this. not blame. he took the onus for this whole issue saying look the buck stops here it's my problem now. we have to dole with it. i admire him for that in saying look, i'll fix it and move on. oftentimes you don't see not
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in our political world. good for him for at least saying i've got this problem, i got to figure out a way to fix it. >> it's a thank less situation to be in. >> absolutely. >> whether you believe what he says or not there's a lot of work in the past that could have been done that was not done. we have a 40 year system that's been deferred for years. at some point you have to fix it. isn't yeah. >> the problem -- >> where do you get the money? >> you keep putting band-aids on things and every band-aid is a fair hike. >> right. >> inconvenience. now when you want to rip those band-aids off, it's even bigger pain for the ridership. good right. >> i troy to think of like someone told me think of it like a splinter. if you leave it in there it just keeps festering and gets worse. when you pull it out it really hurts and it might be bleed, but then it can heal. right that's the only way you can get to it. >> isn't that the message he was kind of talking about when he first got here, when he started talking about safetrack and shutting down the system. oh, my gosh, shut down the system. we got to do that. this is a mess. >> um-hmm. >> something needs to be done he's taking a bold step now. whether it will work and where the money will come
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other issue he's doing some something. >> and we have survived safetrack. >> right. we did survive it. >> exactly how many -- what are you going to do? good right. >> let us no he what you think about the metro situation as always. use the #gooddaydc. >> where you think the money would come from. >> #gooddaydc. >> we got all the questions. we got none of answers. all right. after 20 years bill o'reilly will not be returning to fox news channe. the announce many comes after several recent reports of sexual harassment involving o'reilly and his female colleagues. dana perino who has been filling for o'reilly since he announced an extended break earlier miss announced he was no longer with the network. >> it is the end of era here at the fox news channel. as we mentioned earlier, bill o'reilly is leaving this chair and this network after more than 20 years. bill has been the undisputed king of cable news and for good reason. ♪ >> several companies had pulled their ads from the o'reilly's top rated
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of the o'reilly factor since fox news first began back in 1996. tucker carlson tonight will take over that 8:00 p.m. time slot starting this coming monday. now in a statement bill o'reilly wrote over the past 20 years at fox news i have been extremely proud to launch and lead one of the most successful news pro programs in history. significant and the cribbed to building fox into the dominant news network in television. he called the circumstances surrounding his firing tremendously disheartening. 9:09. white house tourists not going to be to get as close on the south lawn. the security perimeter around the white house getting larger after a series of breaches in recent months. melanie alnwick live with the details this morning giving us perfect view what we can see and how our picture taking might be impacted this morning. >> reporter: high again, st steve. it is in some respects a small
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significant change because as we know once you push perimeters back, once you put in security closures here in d.c. it's pretty rare for them to be taken away. he have street right here was closed in 2015 and you can see it is still closed now. so the big change is that used to be that you would be able to cross the street after 6am. it was closed between 11am and six -- 11:00 p.m. and sick am. as of yesterday and then as of this morning, no longer can pedestrians get across e street to go right up along that south lawn fence perimeter. so it is a small change as we said. you can still stand here and see a pretty good view of the white house. the secret service says this is really just part of its on hiv gougere view of permanent and temporary security measures just a little while ago this morning we had got video of secret service agents putting up those new signs the restricted area do not enter making it very clear to pedestrians where they cannot cross also we saw som
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service officers and their supervisors kind of going through and reviewing what the security procedures now are. so it's clear to them as well. the problem really has been fence jumpers. despite the fact that they've put in new spikes on the fence, continue to be fence jumpers just on march 10th. the man from california carrying mace got over the fence. on the grounds for 17 minutes before he was arrested latest in a string of high profile fence breaches since 2014. there are plans to raise the height of the fence ton make permanent security changes to it. making it tougher, taller, stronger still keeping with historical authenticity in making the changes the secret service explained it that is way. saying by pushing the public back a little bit it really is going to give that buffer zone. so you're going to significantly reduce the chance that is someone can get over the fence but not only that you're going to be able to give secret service agents a nice wide view
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here if anybody is breaching perimeter they have that time to react and get over. i can tell you that any time there's been a move to restrict the public access, local lawmakers have certainly been very vocal in saying that you need to make sure that you balance the need to give the public access with security and safety as well. it seems like folks here still having a good time. still able to get their pictures of the white house. perhaps not as close as they've been able to do it before. >> melanie, i think mel you shall tell those youngsters about the good old days when you can take a picture up by the white house like yesterday. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's right. yeah, you used to be able to go right up to the fence. you'd stick your camera through and get it without those fence lines. today's day and age no longer. i did talk to a mom short time ago that said honestly it's not that big of a change and that that's what the,, what you have to do in order to keep people away from the white house grounds then she's all for
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>> yeah. >> kind of cool filter on there people like your picture. right? >> thanks, mel. 9:12 is the time. politics also in politics this morning two trump administration officials are heading to the united states mexico border to get a first hasn't look at security there. attorney general jeff sessions and homeland security secretary general john kelly heading to texas and california for closer look at the border today. now, sessions is focusing on stopping what he calls catching ran lee programs immigrants and building the wall. kelly will focus on law enforcement. new report says immigration arrests have spiked 32% under the president's administration. meanwhile, vice-president mike pence's trip overseas continues. he's in indonesia this morning he says the united states wants to stricken then strategic partnership with the country during his visit he and his family toward a mosque. the patriots crashed the white house yesterday to celebrate their super bowl win and when we say crashed we mean literally. we'll show you gang's cameo
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>> we're feeling like the greatest this morning because we have three reasons to celebrate. first up the caps still alive and fighting. >> great win last night they need it to hey vo going down three games to one in toronto. before did they come out swinging. by the end of the first period they were up four games to one. maple leafs pulled win one but who cares, caps one. tj with two goals. tom wilson with two goals. ovechkin with a guy. the caps within five-four ties the series at two. best part -- watch that safe right there. look at that. it was going to be guaranteed goal. game five back home at verizon tomorrow night. last night at verizon center it was the wizards in action getting the job done. bradley biehl off to a slow start actually had to leave the game for little bit. came back, combined with john wall for 20 of the team' -- 21 points in the fourth quarter. wizards within 109-ten sun take a two wins to zero in the east conference series
9:18 am
game three set for saturday. >> the faces of the guys relaxed having fun enjoying being in the playoffs. >> right. >> not that super stress we're worried about it. they were having a good time. >> that would be the caps players faces. >> hopefully after last night. >> now that they tied it are their odds looking good they might go the distance for those of you -- >> lot better than being down three-one much. >> that's true. >> momentum shift you win on the road now it's tied up it's basically starting the series over g back home. >> 33 game series. and you're at home. >> i still think friday is a must have win. >> tell me when i need to hop on the band wagon. >> you need to get on the women's band wagon now. >> that i'm already on. >> that i'm on. >> they own -- they pretty much own the hawk. they're up two to zero. hawks have lost 18 series when they've trailed zero-two. 18 they never won series in the entire history. >> i'm to the going to worry about it. >> they'll go finish off the hawks. move on to the neck round. >> i ned to get on the caps band wagon. >> probably had you move to d.c. how many years
9:19 am
>> haterade. >> you might at least open the door to the band wagon. >> i have jersey i might as well put it oh and. >> that's right. >> well believe it or not while all that was going on bryce harper was cleaning up down in atlanta. he had two homeruns including a grand slam the nats 14-four win over the braves. and guess what? he really wasn't the only one having a good night. ryan zimmerman pick up another grand lam of the night. that happened in the eighth upping. really the only downside of the night is that jayson werth left the game early with a groin injury. and he's actually day to day at this point. >> okay. >> we hope he gets better soon but how about fun is that. >> i've never been to baseball game where they hit a grand slam. >> really. >> never. >> i've been to one or two. it doesn't happen that often to get two in one game good amazing. >> and three homeruns. playing well. the skins don't want to be left out either. according to the washington post, they will host their first ever thanksgiving day game this season. play
9:20 am
giants expected to come to fed he can field november 23rd that will be the thursday night game thanksgiving night game. burgundy and goldenth thanksgiving appearance usually they play in dallas. >> dallas yeah. >> this will be the first one at home, though, so the question is, would you spend your thanksgiving at fed ex field with the skins? >> the official schedule -- >> no. >> of the nfl comes out tonight. let me think about it. >> turkey seld. you don't have anything else to do government to movies. >> lots of people will go. we always travel for thanksgiving so i would never go. >> the good news, another nationally televised game all eyes will be on them. >> yeah. >> great chance to show what they can do absolutely. people in their food coma will watch it. >> 9:20. the guardians of the galaxy hit the la red carpet first. kevin got a chance to sit down with them. he'll join us with his 11 with chris pratt that's coming up later. >> we'll go to eye allison seymour. >> i'll go to that game if it will get me out of the cook
9:21 am
>> 911 dispatcher under investigation. big changes coming to your neighborhood cvs store and that kiss a kia contest now has crowned a champion. we'll have those stories and more when we check what's making headlines next.
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> allison is back with a check of the other stories making headlines this morning. hey, al. >> thank you very much. first up aggressive effort by arkansas to carry out
9:24 am
execution since 2005. stall for the second time this week. courts blocked two lethal injections planned for thursday. the governor expressed frustration at legal delaying tactic. arkansas face you uphill battle to he can cute any inmates before the end of april when one of its lethal injection drugs expires. now to latest on the soup side of nfl fallen star aaron hernandez. media reports from boston before he killed himself, he wrote the bible version john 316 on his forehead and smoked synthetic marijuana. hernandez was found hanked in prison cell yesterday morning he was serving a life sentence for the shooting death of odom lloyd back in 2013 and was recently acquitted from a double murder trial. now that to fox5 exclusive 911 dispatcher in the investigation -- district under vest gather an ambulance needed for two-year-old boy way
9:25 am
the wrong address. the mom called 911 saturday afternoon because her son was having a severe asthma attack. she eventually drove her son to the hospital herself some 20 minutes later. the d.c. office of unified communications says it takes responsibility for this error. cvv stores they're about to look very different. the company wants its stores to be healthier. all the candy in the front of the store near the check outlines will be replaced with healthier food. cvs says it wants to provide customers with more health and wellness products. and finally, a winner em emerges from the key kiss a kia contest in texas yesterday. three days of hard competition tal leapt started with 20 people locking and lips on kia optima on monday morning. yesterday seven contestants were left. so the radio station sponsoring give away held reverse drawing to name the winner. winner says and she and hub talked about where they'll take their new wheels. >> let me tell you something anybody who could endure that all that kissing on
9:26 am
car deserves it. >> seven people did it the whole time. >> six people kissed the whole time and got nothing. >> i know. how would you feel about that? that's kind of like, it's supposed to be kiss until somebody left. >> yeah. >> got go the distance. >> i guess not. >> at least in austin. >> woman and, woman and. >> thanks al. >> okay. 9:26 is the time right now. mr. gong goes to washington we'll tell you what happened when the patriots wide end stopped by to see sean spicer. >> tucker is back with a sneak peek at our weekend forecast and when we can actually see some more rain. >> had a little bit roll through earlier. 9:26. fresh up at ten this morning bose taking the place of big brother the head phone companies. some customers say the headphones are not just playing music they're also listening as well big brother style. serena williams dropped that pregnancy bombshell on snap chat. later you know maroon five. now right passed
9:27 am
from maroon five to front man. the gentleman on the right in that photo is going to join us live in the loft to talk about his new solo album. right now it's 9:27. back after this. back after this. all eyes are on olay ultimate eye cream. allure best of beauty and marie claire's most wanted. eyes show emotion, not your age. olay eyes. ageless.
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ep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip. ♪ 9:29 is the time right now. live look outside washington, d.c. raindrops in our future. we'll talk to tucker b
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about. right now we'll talk about is mr. gronk going to washington. super bowl champion new england patriots at the white house wednesday. they were visiting president trump as an honor for their championship only 34 players attended. the biggest names missing tom brady because he said he had a business conflict. martel list bennett he said he didn't feel welcome at the white house. >> , works say there are no days off. >> can i just -- >> need some help? [ laughter ] >> i think i got this but thank you. >> you sure? >> maybe. [ laughter ] >> all right. thanks, man. i'll see in you minute. >> that was rob gronkowski crashing the daily press briefing receiving sean spicer during that briefing yesterday. gronk piqued in and asked spicer if he needed any help. i got this but maybe. spicer twenty two twitter bio says he's a wicked patriots fan. gronk posted a picture on instagram showing him getting a fist bust with the president in the oval office. that's pretty cool. cool of gronk. he's just like staning
9:31 am
that door. should i do it shocks i do it does i wish sean had played along a little bit longer. they just went back to business. >> he was probable until shock. >> that's true too. >> i want to come over and talk to you. >> i am such a super fan i tollly want to geek out but i can't. >> the press core went right back to asking question and another thing. >> the patriots are taking push with their photo comparison the new york times tweeted out. suggesting that the turn out for the visit was significantly smaller than two years ago when president obama was in office team responded on twit that the photo lax context saying football staff sat on the south lawn instead of standing on the stairs this year. the times tweeted update saying the patriots told them that fewer players attended this year but the total delegation was about the same. >> we just said 34 players out of 53 on the roster. >> not another picture gate. please. please. >> that's old news. no
9:32 am
>> all right. tucker barnes talking about our forecast and more rain. >> maybe a thunderstorm. i mean not doing washout today. let's not over sell it. but the weekend looks wet. just the possibility of a thunderstorm this afternoon. we've had some rain showers moving through in the past hour or so. i'll show you those on radar here in just a second. temperatures 60 right now in washington. 61 in quantico. leonardtown 61 degrees. doing 50s west and north. 57 dulles. 59 in winchester. most of the area here should pop well into the 70s even some low 80s expected later today. later this morning during the afternoon hours as we get into the warm sector here shortly. all right. rain showers moving through pretty quick. most of that is light and falling apart out towards annapolis, deal, western shore of the bay getting a couple of showers much that's about it for the time being. later this afternoon, as the air mass becomes more and more unstable, we may pop a few showers or storms i'll scholl you future cast trying to give us a little line of storm activity kind of mid to later afternoon. there's the bigger picture you can see the cloud cover i thi
9:33 am
we will be kind of part toll mostly cloud dough later this morning this afternoon get some of that filtered sunshine with some clouds as well. big picture all about high pressure southwest winds and pump those temperatures for the next couple of days. today and tomorrow both days should be in the 80s we'll be cooler this weekend as we get a cold front through the region area of low pressure riding along it. that's your set up for this afternoon. a little unstable a shower or storm. the front gets here tomorrow and that will cool us down for the weekend. future cast that little batch is out of here. oop, this afternoon, trying to develop a couple of showers and maybe couple thunderstorms by three, four, 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. keep that in mind if you'll be out walking your dog or got sports or that kind of thing you'll be attending after school today there might be a few showers. we'll lose the shower activity tonight after we lose the daytime heating. seven day yes today and tomorrow. yeah. back in the 80 force a couple of days. great decade. and then the weekend does not promise lot of sunshine i think we'll be mostly cloudy saturday. with showers developing second half t
9:34 am
maybe wet saturday night into sunday and cool as well. daytime highs will struggle to 60 degrees on sunday. so plan accordingly. maybe i'll watch one of kevin's reviews and actually go to movie this weekend guys. back to you. >> sunday is good day for it. >> good idea. >> today is 4/20 a date that holds particular significance for one group. so a joint session -- [ laughter ] >> playing outside the us capital today. >> creative writing. while does it involve congress it's unlikely any congressional members will actually participate. bob barnard live from capitol hill with all of the details. good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, yeah, good morning guys. this is scheduled for high noon here at first and constitution northeast. and i can show i was photograph. this the evidence what the organizers of today's unusual demonstration are going to be handing out. marijuana joints. two per person. they're really targeting members of congress. their staff. interns, even journalists anybody whose got a hill pass and
9:35 am
be given two marijuana joints that then they are encouraged to come back next monday and smoke. it's actually on d.c. property there at first and constitution because it is illegal to possess, sell, smoke or what have you marijuana on federal property here in the district and across the country. they're basically doing this, the organizers, the same people who legalized marijuana here in the district of columbia to get congress to reform marijuana laws. >> today is the 4/20 holiday instead of just celebrating with cannabis and taking advantage of the rights we've already gained we're fighting for more rights. we want to be able to write laws again in washington, d.c. to regulate and tax cannabis and currently congress is blocking us from doing that. so we're bringing the cannabis to congress. we're trying to psychologically affect the staffers. we're trying to, you know -- >> influence them. >> influence them to show there's not so much
9:36 am
is very popular issue they can only make themselves look good if they were to fix these laws. they've done, you know, speaker ryan frankly had a toss get on the ball and schedule some votes. no less than six legalization bills none of them are scheduled to be voted on. you know, have the votes f they go down, fine. i think if you had a vote we'd actually legalize in this country at the federal level right now. >> reporter: now the trump administration is kind of sending mixed signals during the campaign. candidate donald trump said that he believes marijuana laws should be left up to the states but currently his attorney general jeff sessions former senator here at capitol hill has created a task force to look at violent crime in the united states and one of the elements is to look at marijuana laws. not to ease up on them if anything to crack down even more. so mixed signals according to the proponents of today's demonstration, and reversal of marijuana laws federally starting at c
9:37 am
and yet the president seems to indicate if the states want to legalize it as many have for medical and recreation use, so be it. guys? >> bob barnard roaring this morning. >> all right. 9:37 is the time right now guardians of galaxy hit the red carpet for the la premier last night. first kevin got a chance to sit down with those stars including the star lord himself chris pratt. more on this one-on-one when kevin joins us live from la. ♪ ♪♪
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grow up stronger. ♪ this is weird we've got a sovereign fleet approaching from the rear. >> why would they do that. >> probably because rock stole some of their batteries. >> dude. >> right. he didn't steal some of those. i don't know why they're aft us. what a mystery this is. >> what were you thinking? >> dude, they were really easy steel. >> that's your defense. >> come on. you saw how that high priest talk down us to. i'm teaching her a lesson. >> i didn't realize your motivation was altruism. really a shame the sovereign mistake and your intentions are trying to kill us. >> exactly. >> i was being sarcastic. >> oh, no you're supposed to use sa
9:41 am
now i look foolish. >> can we put the victory on hold until after we survive this massive space battle. >> more incoming. >> i'm going to kill some guys. [ laughter ] >> that's clip from the guardians of the galaxy movie volume two. now it's the sequel to the surprise 2014 marvel hit and reunited the all star cast including chris pratt, zoey saldano, bradley cooper, vin diesel and dave battista. kevin got a chance to sit down with the cast yesterday. he joins us live from la with all the details. kevin, vin diesel for the whole movie saying i am groot and he gets acting credit for that? he says that that the entire movie. >> he's winning. >> he is winning. >> dude think about it. it's funny, wisdom, to the point you just made i was speaking to the director yesterday. good morning to you all by the way. >> even was speaking to director and i said to him does vin diesel come in for one day. he does the entire film in
9:42 am
day. >> he got one line. [ laughter ] >> no, but now let me say this. >> oh jeez here we go good a lot more complicated than that. >> here we go. >> vin diesel actually gets script only him and the director share that has a translation of what every single i am groot means. there's like a paragraph of each one of those means. i'm not saying it's a hard job. i'm just saying that he has to -- does he hire his voice for baby groot. >> kevin i saw the first movie. all i'm trying to say -- >> gags with the directors well tell all the critics this. they buy into it. >> see if they believe it. >> right. >> he says the same thing every time in the last movie. >> kev we know what you're saying he has to be in motive in different ways. >> influctions. >> by the way i still can't believe that that's bradley cooper that raccoon. >> i agree there. i was just thinking because i just asked who that was and i'm like that doesn't sound like bradley cooper. >> yeah. we'll have more interviews coming up i spoke to james gun
9:43 am
kind of joe pesce apparently was very big inspiration for how he found that voice which is interesting. >> so baby groot it's still vin diesel he speaks higher? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> it's. by the way i did sit down with chris pratt in this package you'll see vin diesel doing the i am groot voice. does he it in his normal voice he's practicing it but i spoke to chris pratt about playing star lord the awesome helmet he wears but also the idea that groot's only says those three words and how the cast members react to it not knowing what he's actually saying. watch this. >> ♪ >> so we're saving the galaxy again? >> yup. >> awesome! >> really going to be able to jack up our prices for two time galaxy savers. >> yes! >> ♪ >> i always geek out when you hit the side and it goes. it's so awesome. i'm wouldn'ting when you shoot a moment like that, are you hitting it
9:44 am
>> i know it's cgi but you do eventually wear mask. >> yes. >> do you sit there all day don that. >> i do have -- it is a specific spot behind my ear you'll see i have this little piece and i think that connects to what i'm assuming is some sort of like nano tech helmet device. it's often like when i'm doing giant stunt sequences that's the one thing i forget to do i've blown some massive shots by just not doing this before i do, um, a run and fly off. >> yeah. >> cameras pan, $100,000 waisted on this shot they're not going to use because i forgot to do this. [ laughter ] >> does anybody have any tape out there i want to put tape over the death button. >> nobody has any tape. >> not a single person has tape? >> you have atomic bomb in your bag. if anybody is going to have tape it's you. >> i have to do everything. >> you are wasting a lot of t time. >> i am groot! >> that's really bad sign. >> james was telling me'm
9:45 am
there was a separate script that him and vin have for the translations of what i am groot means. >> yes. >> so i am groot. >> so in your script all you see is the i am groot and how do you know what it means? is that the whole point of you kind of don't know. >> i think it's part of the pope. oftentimes, you know, as -- you know, as the joke reveals itself, oftentimes, it's a little bit like, you know, the character that with whom he's speaking reveals what he's just heard. >> like rocket. isn't like rocket will say it or i'll say it. it's kind of like when you see in a play someone picks up the phone and they're having a conversation you can't hear what's on the other end you have to fill in the blanks. person will be like, tom? yes, tom. well, sure i can be at the airport at 8:30. why do you ask? because you're down at the airport right now. >> you kind of fill in the other side because the audience doesn't know and i think that's kind of some of the fun we have with that joke with i am groot. >> what's raise crazy dye try to ask
9:46 am
much money vin diesel gets paid per word since he's only saying three words or four words whatever that is. because in the last one he said i am groot and he wed we are groot. so in this one there are some moments where he's running and screaming and yelling and i don't know if that all facts in. i can't imagine how he's getting paid for three words. >> after all the i am groots when he drop the we are groot did it just below your mine? [ laughter ] >> oh yeah. i mean listen it's become this amazing joke in the film and chris pratt perfectly summarized it. because it is one of those things where they don't know but the other character has to reveal it to the audience but sometimes you can actually tell what he means just by the influctions of it. >> it's kind of cool. >> i think it's cool that the creator -- they came up with something so simple that gets so much traction. it takes off. >> where one do you get to review the movie. >> i review the movie may fifth. i sat down with everybody yesterday. kurt russell, zoey saldano. dave battista from d.c
9:47 am
game soon. >> sweet. >> it was very cool. and then i'm going to have the review coming up may tim an then tomorrow i'm sitting down with goldy hawn. funny i work out of kurt russell's room yesterday. mr. russell i'm interviewing goldy hawn tomorrow. you know she's actually really nice. like it was very funny. >> that's funny. >> like the whole room just started dying laughing. but he was talking about goldy hawn and kate hudson in the interview i'm excited to share it. >> did you get a chance to ask dave battista a former wrestler about wrestling the rock? >> no. it's funny because -- >> what? >> it's been years since he wrestle the rock. it's been like absolutely years. right. i didn't think it was -- >> fine, kevin. all right, good. you got nothing to add. thank you. >> one word answer. >> thanks kevin. >> i wanted to a good story. we'll find out more when the rock replaces vin diesel in this franchise it will all below up. >> really have to save that galaxy. thanks kev. >> see you guys. >> 9:47. coming up making prom dreams come true. come
9:48 am
come true. up flexion, right. you were like what is she doing? >> thank you holly. >> dreams come true. >> exactly. >> dreams come true. >> dreams come true. >> we're going live to silver spring where hundreds of high schoolers getting the cha tons pick their perfect dresses and tuxes thanks to say yes to the dress. we'll check in with erin for details of this next. >> say it again. >> dreams come true. >> i got it. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years.
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♪ >> just say yes indeed. 9:51. today tlc's sixth annual say yes to the prom give back initiative this morning they are in silver spring maryland making prom& dreams come true for more than 1,000 economically under served and academically high achieving students. >> we sent out our own fashion diva erin company month to to check out the days events. all right. erin, good morning to you. >> good morning. we are standing at the end of the red carpet where the ladies here have an opportunity to say yes to the prom dress. i'm joined by monty durham. monty, we were with you last year. this year just as much amazing energy. tell us about the event. >> well, you know, this
9:52 am
sixth year for this initiative. five city torry landing at our global headquarters outside of washington, d.c. and by the time we're done today, we will have touched over a thousand deserving students. >> wow. >> that that great. >> the fag really truly offers a dream prom experience women and men. >> yes. >> we got the boys as well. men's warehouse suiting them up and of course you can see beautiful gowns here on the ladies. >> oh yeah. >> beautiful thing with these gowns is upping they're brand new. everything is free. from the head pieces a great way to wear head band jewelry and these beautiful column dresses and what you see here the ladies have chosen crepe, slim fitted and that's hot style this year. >> very and coverage. have you noticed. >> straps everything has straps. even with the cut outs. now a special nod to this. is say yes to the dress by macy's. they designed over 20
9:53 am
styles rolled them out in 200 different stores shopping shops and have been successful so every girl can find prom perfect. >> i love that. all the accessories and you have stylists to help with hair and makeup. >> paul mitchell is here with hair and makeup they'll be going through that shortly and be given tips how to do their hair themselves or if they're going to salon what to ask for. >> i absolutely love the looks. all the girls look like princesses right now. and to find your dream dress yourself and you have all the volunteers here helping them put their dream look together. >> absolutely. and you can see we have a variation isn't style dressing which is very popular now. slim fit. the crepe here with a beautiful center slit. then we have a side slit. lots of coverage. lots of straps. lots of color all on trend for prom 2017. >> i love it. and you get to come in in waves the schools together it's not too crowded in the shopping area. >> right. >> you really get the time to try on all the gowns and tuxes. >> over a thousand dresse
9:54 am
have a favor. can you help me find a prom look for -- >> let's do it. >> when we come back to the tepp so i can show if you i was to go to prom because, you know, everybody wants to feel beautiful and we have monty durham style icon. we're so lucky to have him here helping us out. i'll put my own prom hook together and then when we come back in the 10:00 o'clock hour we're going to interview some of these amazing students about how they pick out their prom looks so you don't want to miss that. we'll be coming back up in the good day at ten hour. thanks guys. >> you went to your prom, didn't you? >> i did but i always want to go to another party. >> you know what i'm with you. i'm with you. looking forward your new look. >> you get to certain decade you really should move on from prom. i'm just saying. >> a girl can dream. >> i'm just saying. >> not true at all. >> school administration officials are calling if you show up at a prom at your age. [ laughter ] >> you here to chaperone. we'll see what err rip picks for her prom dress also if you're a fa
9:55 am
keyboard is pj morton will be with us he's in town. we'll tell you why want he's up to. he's got new album out. some good special guests he's worked with in the past as you can imagine someone at that level. cool new music too. we'll chat with him next hour. >> we always have studies here on good day. apparently there's one that came out about americans and money and stress. i'll let you decide what you think. >> is it over says. >> it might not be. >> might not be. no matter where it's from i'm all in. >> you're on board. guess what? serena love game she upped it. like what i did there. >> she announces she's pregnant. everyone excited. we'll talk more about that. >> first we'll talk about coffee time on good day d.c. if you've been eyeing our cool good day dc mugs and listen up we now have new good day dc dunkin' donuts mug to give away, perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee. so head to our our facebook page at www dc to enter our mug contest. one lucky winner selected by
9:56 am
only have now until 11am to enter. time right now 9:55. we'll be right back. right back.
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♪ the only place to be this 10a right here and boy, do we have a show for you. >> hottest talkers, richard simmons speaks out, the drake baby drama, plus we have a preview of the last five episodes of empire. buckle up. >> also on good day, he is part of the hottest band around. talking about maroon five and life in the loft, pj morton. he has a new album out. how you can see him tonight. plus the star of say yes to the dress helping prom dreams come true. monte durham is also live w
10:00 am
us. let's do this in three, two, one, the 10a starts right now. ♪ i am groot. >> like jagger. holly has it. i am groot. >> that's not how it works. >> she's supposed to say the and you interpret it. >> i am groot. >> holly said this is delicious. i cannot wait to taste it. >> steve, your turn. >> your turn. >> i am groot. >> that says i've been anchoring for 82 hours and i'm hungry. >> hungry as heck. >> my turn. >> i am groot. >> i have no idea. >> that was nats win, wizards win. caps win. >> my turn. i am groot. >> that is i am too sexy for words. [ laughter ] >> in my mind. >> close. very close. >> throw that photo up again. [ laughter ]
10:01 am
here. >> this is miles the chef at ten penn in tysons corner he's going to be whipping up as you can see pot stickers for us today. and if you don't know how pot stickers ever came to be like i don't know a thousand plus years ago, he knows the story. >> okay. >> he'll share it with us. > they smell good. >> okay. keep those on stand by, too. >> we are groot. >> let's shall we walk passed our championship basket here. >> yes. >> as we head to the couch. >> hopefully the championship basket well on the way couple of wins last night which is awe awesome. [ laughter ] >> nice move like jagger, steve. >> and we should say -- >> i am groot. >> we're paying maroon five. >> pj morton will join us the keyboard from maroon five is with us this morning. >> high five. >> high five. >> all the way around. >> high five. >> wisdom, over here. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. all right much that's a long w way. >> it's national high 5-day. >> okay. >> we high five you. >> okay. >> that's right.
10:02 am
high five. >> steve baker. >> washington nationals manager. >> we already alluded to this but of course there's lot of high fiving going on especially when it came to dc sports last night. that's because no matter who you were rooting for you are celebrating a within this morning. caps tying the series with toronto maple leafs with fi five-four win. sets up crucial game five back here at home verizon center tomorrow night. >> go caps. >> i feel good about it now. >> okay. >> now that i'm on board i feel great. >> are you on board now. >> i'm on it. >> could wait until they close it out and then get on board. >> i want to make legit. i'm on board. >> okay. >> this was a must win last night. >> it was. >> no doubt about it but i love the energy. i love they just came out fi firing, and you know, two-one, three-one not good enough. four heave one at the end of the first peer. they made it hold. come back home now. >> let's talk about my other boys. >> get it down. >> your other boys. >> yes. >> she's been on board witness wizards for two whole weeks now
10:03 am
>> wizards extenting their eastern conference series win. that's maureen boys the atlanta hawks. biehl and wall the stars of the night. game three set for saturday in atlanta. i said this again. they got atlanta on the ropes atlanta is not that good any way. atlanta lost 18 series in the entire history never won a series when they trailed two-zero. >> let's keep that barlow. >> i love that stat. high five that stat. >> how about it? there you go. >> boston winning right now. i see a finals matchup maybe with cleveland. >> easily beat chicago the bu bulls. >> yeah. >> easily. >> did you say -- >> you claim the wizards. you can't go back. >> i am groot. [ laughter ] >> i am groot. i can't claim -- >> i'm groot, too. >> oh, yeah you want to groot off. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> shall we go to baseball. >> i think we shall. >> quick. >> we'll save you maureen. atlanta taking a beat owing on the baseball diamond, too. pitcher julio saying i am groot. [ laughter ]
10:04 am
>> grand slam for bryce harper who said i am groot. ryan zimmerman also with a grand slam in the game. 14-four win. harper had solo shot too. two homeruns for him. one for zim. nats showing power spurts this year. off to good start. hopefully for in a couple months we'll be talking playoffs. >> we are groot washington. >> as a city we are groot. before we check what's trending allison is back with some other headlines this morning. hey al. >> first up, public actos sidewalk in front of the house closed for good. the sidewalk along the south fence line had already been closed every night over -- every overnight i shall say from 11:0e morning now as part on-going review of security measures throughout the white house the secret service says they will close sidewalk access indefinitely. officials say the planned restrictions will in no way obstruct the public's ability to view or take pictures of the white house. two p
10:05 am
officials are headed to the us mexico border to get a first-hand look at security there. attorney general jeff sessions and homeland security secretary general john kelly head to texas and california for a closer look at the border today. sessions will focus on stopping what he calls catch recent lease programs of undo you meaned workers and building the wall. kelly will focus on law enforcement. new report says immigration arrests have spiked 32% under president trump's admini administration. well keep the trains and buses in service. general manager paul wiedefeld says metro needs $15.5 billion over the next decade. he's looking to local governments for the money. he also says laib costs need to be cut in order to avoid a budget crisis. wiedefeld also says that metro should have flexibility to outsource some operations. many. changes gm wants to make will be tough they require approval by state and local governments in the areas metro serves. wiedefeld will be live on
10:06 am
news morning -- well he was this morning and 8:30. he talk more about this pro proposal. a lawsuit has been filed against boso over wire hess headphones. it suit claims that bose use an app to track the audio users listen to. lawsuit claims the company sells that info without permission. the filer of the suit adds that data collection is not mentioned anywhere in the company's user agreements. bose has not responded to the claim. and finally, this is a really wild story. i want to warn you. crunch tennis match in florida interrupted by the sounds of noisy sex. yup. it actually happened. hey take look. witness don't down during the czar have a societ at a open it could be heard around the auditorium. >> oh, yes! >> there it is. the two players stopped playing. once it was clear what the sounds were. >> well, that is -- >> according to commentators the noise came from couple nearby apartment. but there was some speculation that one of the spectators might
10:07 am
their phone. >> that makes more sense. >> that happened. >> remember when you used to worry about the phone ringing in public. >> oh, my gosh that's hysterical. i love that guy's face. >> i do, too. >> what? >> allison saw the video the guy had the ball looking around he said it can't be that good. [ laughter ] >> sometimes it is. >> sometimes things are so awkward you have to embrace that. >> right. that's funny. >> thanks al. >> time right now 10:07. first up if you feel like you're not getting enough sleep we know you're not alone. most americans are in fact losing sleep watch is keeping us up at night? two out of three of us, 65%, not sleeping because of money issues. this according to credit they're in the money business. as for 38% of those surveyed the most common stress not being able to pay health care or insurance bills. that followed by saving for retirement 37% at 34% not having enough money to
10:08 am
a lot of stress over school. that was followed by stress over the mortgage. that was at 26%. and finally credit card debt round out the top fee. 22% stressed over paying the balance on their credit cards. either way you slice it a lot of people not getting to sleep because they're worried about where is the money going to come from. how we going to pate bills. keep everybody happy. what do we next? how does that impact everything else in my life. >> you're right much this is what we all agree with. >> um-hmm. nail it. sticking with the stud theme i should say more proof that millennials are different from any on the generation. this time, we have united states census to prove it. according to the data until millennials are not rushing to get married or to have a family. and once they get married, young women are less likely to see home making as career. they say the share of young women 25 to 35 who opted to for go outside employment in favor of managing a household plunged from 43% in 1975 to just 14% last year. the data also
10:09 am
millennials want economic security and they want to finish school. instead of more traditional goals of marriage and family. i also think we live in time where it requires two parents. you need two income family. so it's not always a choice. you need to do it. >> right. >> okay. so have you ever wondered what a unicorn tastes like? >> now you can find out. today starbucks is rolling its limited edition union any core frapuccino out a color burst of pink and blue topped off with vanilla whipped cream. any way we're told that it starts out purple with blue swirls and then when you stir it it turns pink. so the question of course is how in the world does this thing taste? so people have been describing it as sweet and flute at first then when it's stirred it's tangy and tart. 280 calories, calf fee free. >> how much sugar. >> i'm not sure about the reviews. >> they took the girls to go try it. >> what did she say. >> i don't want to put words in her mouth. from what she said earlier on the show it was mick. the
10:10 am
you're supposed to stir it and that makes difference. >> operator error when it comes to drink. >> look, it's awesome mark markg tool. it's a trend. >> when i walk past long lines everybody posted on social media. >> so starbucks is winning. >> people like to dry thing. why not? >> we like music. coming up in you're a fan of maroon five let's face it they have something for everyone their styles. pb morton live in the loft has a sole loll album out tomorrow. he will sit down with us this morning to talk about juggling both bands at the same time. >> we'll talk about richard simmons he's speaking out, more drake baby drama, sneak peek of the final five episodes of empire this season. we're back in two minutes. ♪ ♪♪
10:11 am
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10:13 am
, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful. ♪ >> we'll talk about -- steve's mike was open. >> he's working our guest out there. >> time for good day celebrity dish. up first in the dish insanity. that's the word on the final five episodes of season three for empire. as the series prepares to make its final descend into crazy town. they are showing no
10:14 am
holding back on the sort of unhinged theatrics we've come to know and love from lee daniels and company. don't take my word for it. judge for yourself in this sneak peek. >> thank you for that. >> i'll take it from here. >> ♪ >> your entire family had burn to the ground. >> oh hell no. >> ♪ >> you shaking hands with the devil. >> ♪ >> all new empire wednesday on fox. >> what did i say? >> what did i say? okay. so let's review real quickly because it was lot coming at you. there's andre getting up close and personal with eva lon garr ya's state gaming commission director. >> okay. got that. >> i saw that. >> hakeem em bashing on threesome in jacuzzi. >> that's old news. okay. >> thai -- that says something because that's really not
10:15 am
>> right, right. >> taye diggs angelo popping the question to cookie. >> okay. a glance of demi moore in her buzzed about finale guest spot. claire huxtable herself felicia rashad telling cookie her entire family will burn to the ground. >> yup. okay. >> cookie says hell no. >> there's an explosion. >> okay. >> there's julianna offering enough is that so to cook to make us rumors about the friction between the actresses on the set might have an ounce of truth in them. >> okay. >> there's cookie being cookie which never gets old. >> wait a minute. we missed something here. >> i know. we missed tariq the freak in the bed with boo boo kitty. >> did you see that? >> yes. >> clutch the pearls. what happened that. >> we'll fine out. >> when insanity rolls on. next wednesday. >> in crazy town also known as empire. >> as the loft. [ laughter ] >> empire, right. >> let's talk about drake because just one day after instagram model lay la lace accused of drake of getting her pregnant and ignoring her she
10:16 am
thing. >> oh wow. >> the likes like dj spade associated with dizzy realed a text message of laces which reveal her true motives and eventually drake like the post so he's obviously aware that laci was caught. now i read some of those posts. of course we can't share them because there were f bombs everywhere. it's whole bunch of cussing. >> different crazy town. >> we'll just leave it at that. apparently she wasn't telling the truth. >> that's not cool. >> imagine that. >> imagine that. >> right. all right. how about serena and her baby? >> um-hmm. >> it's another love game, love, 30-zero, 45-zero. >> there's no 45 in tennis. >> 40-zero. >> how old is she. >> serena. >> there, 33. >> well there's there-zero you get it. >> oh, i see. >> you see what i did there. >> why is everybody in the room shaking their head. i thought that was pretty good. >> i am groot. [ laughter ] >> and she is pregnant. >> she's thrive. >> based on this whole timeline of the whole thing she offered
10:17 am
she won the australian open. spokeswoman for william wrote in e-mail to the associated press on wednesday, i'm happy to confirm that serena is expecting a baby this fall. earlier in the day william posted photo of herself on snap chat with the caption, 20 weeks sparking all sorts of speculation on social media whether she was indeed with child. she announced in late december she was engaged to read it founder alex owe hasn't -- oh licks sis o'hannan. 35-year-old williams won her 23rd grand slam at australian open in january just little less than 12 weeks ago and she's now not competed since cite add knee injury when withdrawing from tournament. >> knee injury. >> does it mean the french open, wimbledon, u.s. open is out. >> all her competitors are like yes, finally have a chance. >> we have a chance. >> yeah. exactly. >> good for her that's exciting news. richard simmons speaks out for the first time in three years. >> okay. >> after being hospitalized for stomach problems earlier this week richard sim
10:18 am
directly to his fans. quote, hello to everyone who has shown concern for me and zen that are good wishes. fitness guru told this to people in statement yesterday. you'll never know how much it means to me aren't you sick of hearing and reading about me? lol. well, by now you know that i'm not missing just a little under the weather. i'm sure i'll be feeling good and back home in couple of days and then he went on to talk about being afraid to reach out and asking for help when you need it. that you need to do that. he did it and he hopes to be back on the scene soon. >> okay. >> much to do about nothing about all of that stuff going on. >> this is writ tepp statement not video statement. >> right. i guess to people. yeah. >> hmm. >> thinking somebody else wet wrote it. >> yes. we did report either yesterday or day before that he was seen walking around town or said something walking around with a disguise. >> he was seen but not seen. >> somebody recognized him. >> he rolled around in disg disguises. >> all right. >> uh-huh. >> you want bay watch news. >> yes. >> we have some. makers of bay watch t
10:19 am
again teased us with a new poster. a poster people. this time it's all about global star pre anka chap prey. poster her be witching ice are doing all the talk log leave you curious to fine out what's in store for you on may 25th when this movie hits the theaters in the movie she place victoria lead's inner hollywood debut stealing all the limelight in that poster which also features the other cast members of the movie including dwayne johnson and zac efron in the frames. so i was at the movies this weekend i actually saw this trailer. the trailer is actually pretty good. i don't know if i'll go see it. the trailer is good. >> movie will be pretty bad i think. >> you think it will be cheese ball. >> totally i think so. >> i think they know that. i don't think they're trying to reinvent the wheel here. although in the trailer it looks like they're trying to be cops like trying to solve a murder mystery. >> cheesiness. you know it's so cheesy. >> people will still go. go for a laugh. >> had a good run in the day and dwayne
10:20 am
shirt less. >> there you go right there. >> ladies you're welcome. i want to know how many movies do you think the rock can be this year alone? >> him and kevin hart. >> this year alone. how many movies. >> about 75. >> seriously. he has to be one hardest working men in show biz. >> and how does he find time to work out, too? >> maybe he walks around with a gym with him. >> this movie is cheese balls. this is like 902 is ten that's what this looks like. >> go get some drinks go with a group of girls. laugh, fun. >> speaking of which it tried one of those theaters you can order drinks in. oh, man -- >> you're just now. >> the first time. i know. where have i been. >> saw boss baby actually pretty good. >> so wait you went to the animated kids movie to get your drink on? [ laughter ] >> wow. >> that's how i roll. >> she need add drink to get through it. >> that's how i roll, steve. that's how i roll. thanks guys. >> that's the dish today. >> hot as always. >> i like it. it was delicious. >> 10:20 is the time. say yes to the star monte durham makes
10:21 am
come true. he's helping erin pick out her perfect prom look. hmm. erin is going back to prom. check in with them. >> what will she wear in i hardly wait. >> perfect pot stickers right in your own kitchen. we're heading to the cafe for a lesson in chinese cuisine. it smells so good. 10:21. 10:21.
10:22 am
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♪ 10:23 right now. little chilly outside right now. maybe dancing will warm it you. >> it will get warmer into the 80s later this afternoon maybe a little humid too. >> vanhalen always warms um tucker barnes dancing the night away or hot for teacher. >> so many good songs. it's warmer than yesterday as we're popping out in the sun get ready for real quick warm um. only 62 as of last hour. i think by 11:00 by noon well into the 70s and event whatly low 80s. so more summery afternoon. much more summery than spring like we're expecting high temperatures in the low 80s. 62 right now winds southwest at ten. big warmup now that we've got first batch of rain showers east of us. what can we expect. near term partial sunshine for the next couple of hours. the atmosphere has become unstable so later
10:25 am
nothing really driving it but certainly the possibility that we can see isolated thunderstorm and i mentioned the warmer temperatures yesterday our high temperatures only in the low 60s with on shore flow and today with a southwest wind and that warm front north of us really going to be able to pump temperatures so expect another good 15, 20 degrees added to 62 degrees. upper 70s, low 80s for daytime highs with partial sunshine later this afternoon, i mentioned the possibility of a thunderstorm. and that risk is out there. watch future cast here. it's trying to develop a little line of showers and storms. there we go. i'd say between about 3:00 and 5:30 or 6:00 that's at 5:30 this afternoon. so certainly a possibility. you can hear a rumble of thunder and get a quick-moving thunderstorm later today. i don't think everybody will get these. but high enough risk i'm going to mention it to you wick have scattered showers and thunderstorms later today and again daytime highs in the low 80s won't cool off tonight. probably need the air-conditioner. tomorrow right back in the 80s but we do have a big cool down for the weekend. rape showers inhe
10:26 am
the second half of saturday into the sunday as well. big changes. 80s thursday and friday. back into the 60s on saturday. we cloud up saturday afternoon. period of rain saturday night into sunday. 61 day looks cool and cloudy with occasional rain high temperatures around 60 you can see next week we keep it cool to star the work week with tempetemperatures in the 60s moy and tuesday. 80s this afternoon late day thunderstorm. i'm to go it back to you. >> coming up next 10:26. taking center stage maroon five keyboard pj morton is here with us in the loft. has a brand new album album called gumbo. it literally just came out. there's pj ready to talk about it when we come back. back.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
♪ great sound much great guy too. part of great band as well going solo from band mate to front man his name pj morton a new orleans based r and b solo artist if his name doesn't ring ael
10:30 am
sure you've seen his face. ♪ bring it back to then again he place keyboard one of the pop groups on the man net right now. grammy award winning maroon five. sugar, hard to breathe, moves like jagger you know the rest. pg gearing up for release of his fourth solo record called gumbo but as the album hits store shelves he is joins us in the loft to deal all about it good to see you pj. thanks for stopping by. >> good to see you. >> you're in d.c. you did a listening event last night. >> yes, yes. >> do you get -- now the album is already coming out at that point. within day of release or so. >> yeah. >> you get feedback from people on that. >> something to helps you for the neck thing or just want to hear good thoughts. how does it work. >> i think now it's just that because there's so much access. there's so, you know, publicity and marking your pr agent everybody saying this is the best thing that's coming out. this is the best thing in the world. highly anticipated. you know, so i think, um, now because there's so mh
10:31 am
at you with social media and stuff it's good to get back to see your supporter your fan that's what people believe they don't have anything to gain from seeing you should listen to this i really love it i'm wanted to get to the pebble. >> it's interesting when we talked to artists who have achieved big-time success a lot of them say the same thing i'm curious if you think this now. you play arenas and stadiums with maroon. orgeat chance to play the smaller clubs now doing your solo act. >> more intimate is it kind of cool to have that one-on-one vibe with people that maybe you lose in that big arena setting. >> you do lose some of that but, you know, there's something something to be setter to play to 50,000 people. >> the energy. >> they give me different things and i love them both equally but intimate thing is very dope, too, it's right there. you can feel the people a lot more. >> you can probably see them with the lights low. >> true. >> right. >> new album call gumbo much it's kind of cool this goes back to your root
10:32 am
you're from there but you hadn't lived in a long time. you had chance to go back a few years ago and you saw it in completely different way even though this is your home city. >> marine and solo we're about to play jazz fest in a couple of weeks, and, um, that's where it started for me three years ago marine played jazz fest and i wasn't with my family. i was with my group, you know, that i've been with and, um, ooh i got to lock at new orleans from a different perspective. i really started to see the charm. i was like, i kind of see why people love this city because i had to plans of coming back but i think that planned the seed of me moving back like a year and a half ago now. >> so gumbo the food is kind of mix of all these diffrent things coming together. is that the idea behind this album as well? >> the first album that i've ever made in new orleans. so it's a nod to that but also i really wanted to challenge myself as a song writer. previously, i wrote a about love, a lot of love songs. hard break, whatever, anything dealing with relationships and i really wanted to challenge myself
10:33 am
world that we're living in to talk about more than that. you know what i mean? talk about, um, some of the friction that's happening in the world. i talk about creative freedom. i talk about religion. i just wanted to go little deeper with this, and it's a gumbo of subject matter. >> it's well said. i don't want to say that it's easy to write hit songs about love but kind of easy to go there because it's something everybody experiences. >> sure. >> i can totally see where that challenge is now to say i'm not going to completely leave that behind that's child challenge ourselves dive into something a little heavier. >> it's all about balance. there's a difference between art and entertainment. entertainment supposed to make you forget your life. art sometimes makes you focus on life i wanted to a little more than just enter taken, you know, and get some more, make people think and deal with life a little bit more. >> we were talking earlier you were saying how when you just embraced music when you felt like you were owning it you yourself. this is something you wanted to do when you were young. i'll do this my way and then the rest is history it took off. >> now you get
10:34 am
guest artists like steve wove wonder you get to work with. what do you learn when you're working were it these guys. steven is on your record now. what do you learn from that process? >> well, i mean, you know, it's just learning from great like that, i mean for me stevie was my biggest influence, you know, and that was full circle for me to be able to reach out to him on my own, you know, and get him on record of mine. um it's just growth for me and learning from the greats like that. it's just beyond my wildest dreams really. >> doesn't heard to have avril lavigne on your record either. >> right. >> that's some of the stuff from the past. the songs still have that hook the subject matter might be a little deeper. but they still have that hook. super catchy. you mentioned stevie wonder. dc fans will love to here another big influence of yours is -- marvin gay. d.c.'s own. >> right. >> i moved back to new orleans and started boutique label called morton reporter we're calling it new orleans
10:35 am
we're faux cuff on the perimeter but i always say that after i signed new orleans acts i'm going to go out like motown did, go out and detroit grab marvin gay and have our own version. >> you going to big. >> for sure. >> i know you're busy man in d.c. last night. headed off to go back closer to home don some other events. will we see a tour, get to the solo project back in d.c. >> i'll be back in the summer with the full band and we'll be bringing these records to life. i can't wait to get back to d.c. always loves here for me. so i can't wait to get back. to. hearing it it's out now. it will be out officially tomorrow, right. >> midnight. >> midnight tonight. you can pick it up anyplace where you would go find your music. >> yeah. >> but you're still with maroon. >> yes. >> any update, new tour, new album. >> new album is coming i don't know if we put the date out there. i won't be the first to break that it's very soon. very soon coming out, and like i said we'll be doing some festivals coming up pretty soon. jazz fest being the first one april29th. >> that's awesome. new stuff is
10:36 am
>> new album is just completed, yes. we're -- that's about to be rolled out. >> probably within days. >> oh, all right. >> probably know what the date is. >> i feel like if we keep talking to you we might fine out the date in few minutes. >> you won't get from it me. >> heff laugh. >> look we look forward to seeing you with the solo stuff. come back seen us again. check out his solo stuff online call gumbo online tonight at midnight. you can pick that up. we'll see you hopefully live this summer. >> absolute. we're going to come here and play. >> bring the band in here and play and give us everybody at maroon too when you come in town stop and see us too.& >> will do. >> go to see you. >> we'll hold to you that. we want your group playing live in the loft. >> we're coming in. >> all right. our show is done. that's the best news we've gotten all day. they're coming back. thank you pj. thank you, steve. that was great. >> just say yes we'll take you tout a special prom event in silver spring say yes to the dress monte durham is making
10:37 am
schoolers. our dreams were just made true. maroon five in the loft. are you kidding me?
10:38 am
10:39 am
crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. 10:39 is the time right now. today the fifth and final stop on tlc's sixth annual say yes to the prom give back initiative. >> this morning they are in silver spring, maryland making prom dreams come true for more than 1,000 students. erin como is on the scene where students a
10:40 am
gowns and tucks to look their best on the their very special day. she has a special guest with her also this morning. good morning, erin. >> reporter: good morning. it is just so exciting to be here. it's full of amazing energy. students making their prom dreams come true and monte durham, your say yes to the dress brand i'm wearing right now is absolutely gorgeous. >> amazing. there were 20 designs this year from macy's who design these gowns. they roll them out to 200 stores stop and shop so girls can fine prom perfect across the us. isn't that great. >> it's so amazing aside from just dressing girls you have a whole section here to get the boys the tucks that is need for the prom. >> we dodge men's warehouse is here suiting up our guys. and the girls everything today is free. so the girls get the dresses, i mean, they get paul mitchell hair and makeup and by the time we're finish at the end of the day, this initiative which started sick years ago right here at our gobel headquarters will touch over a thousand deserving students. >> it's just amazing these
10:41 am
a beautiful prom. it's so nice you're able to make that dream come true. >> that's what we do. we have partnered with macy's and at and t is here. so -- such wonderful volunteers. >> we love the volunteers they've got great stories. they really help the girls when they're going through the racks and then they meet me over in front of the monte mirror which by the way i need to get to so i can get more yes to the prom. >> all right. monte, thank you so much. >> so he is over at the red carpet right now helping those girls finally say yes to the prom dress i want to introduce to you jodi she help me pick out my dress today. my say yes to the dress outfit i'm wearing. how did you pick this one out is it popular. >> also the black and white, midriffs are very much in style this year and i just new it would be stunning on you. >> thank you very much. we have caroline and yvette here. tell me what's like to be volunteer and help these students dreams come true. >> oh my god it's just awesome. this is our third year participating with at&t, and we love to come out. the energy is here. the young men and women that come, they are very very
10:42 am
we love giving back to the community. >> i can just see the energy you have. you make all the students feel so beautiful. >> yes. >> and pick the perfect dress.r. helped put together today? >> well today i liked when the young lady had a very nice champagne colored dress and it was a high low so we partnered her with beautiful pair of shoes that really made her sparkle, i'm also a part of discovery here and i'm representing our familiarly from discovery communications. >> i can't thank you enough for taking time to chat with us much the energy you have, the compliments you've been giving and just how special you're making all the boys and girls from all the schools feel is so awesome. >> we love it. >> we're happy to be part of it in putting on this dress takes me back about 15 years. [ laughter ] >> i feel fantastic. >> i got to tell you guys, these are some big fox5 fans. >> yes. >> i love you tucker. >> see. >> allison, steve. >> we watch you every morning. >> yes. >> aww. >> that's great. we got great selfies we're living it
10:43 am
>> this is our girl right here. >> thank you. >> thank you for allowing us to be a part of this. >> we appreciate it. >> we're having a ball out here. let me tell you from the vibe of the red carpet to the monte mirror to the dj that you have you walk in here and you're not even just leaving with a prom look you're getting an entire experience that you'll never forget. >> it's really awesome to be out here today guys. >> it will be hard for the prom to it to. that seems really fun. >> don't forget wisdom. >> i heard my name. >> there you go. >> what happened erin. >> wisdom is the hottest i want to throw that out there. >> oh my goodness. >> yvette says wisdom. [ laughter ] >> thanks erin. >> thank you. >> tell them all we said hi. >> 10:43 is the time. coming up how to cook the perfect pot sticker right in your own kitchen. we'll head into our good day cafe with ten penn's executive chef miles coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
10:44 am
this is the silverado special edition. man: this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. woman: ooohh!! uh! man 2: hooooly mackerel. man 3: wow. man 4: nice. strength and style. which one's your favourite? come home with me! make a strong decision. find your tag and get 16% below msrp on select silverado 1500 pickups in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. find new roads z2c5qz z16fz
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y2c5qy y16fy
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10:47 am
so excited about the playoffs last night. >> yeah. this winning season that we have. >> right. >> with the caps winning in the post season. wisdom can talk. wizards winning last night two games to none now in the series and then the caps winning last night tying up the zero rears two games a piece. so we thought let's go and get crazy. >> let's do it. >> let's look ahead and look at championship. i put it out there to people who wins championship first. >> uh-huh. >> in d.c. now at the moment there are 303 votes. >> good response. >> if you want to go to twitter you can see ask steve chenevey vote. the capitals right now people think the caps have the best chance. 40% say the caps have best chance followed by wizards and nationals in virtual tie for second. >> football team a little ways to go. but in fairness to the
10:48 am
does right. >> this pole was taken in football season maybe that number would be higher. >> the caps have shown the best potential year after year. i think they might do it that. this band wagon i'm on is rolling. >> that's just today's of mo sports. >> i think the nats would have been in better position. >> i think the nats -- they've been far more -- >> nats and caps have then they can be knocking oh the door. >> yeah. >> just have haven't kick it down. >> osche and alex ovechkin in the mix you have a really strong defense and when they're on the ice you just can't beat them and so that's what's happening. >> that's exactly what's happening. >> mo know sports. >> that's the segment. >> mo knows sports. >> i like it. >> i have a feeling it was a bad idea. >> i am groot. [ laughter ] so am i. >> yes, you interpret that how you want. listen today we're putting a creative twist on delicious
10:49 am
pot stickers and joining us this morning to show us how to make the asian staple with lamb is the executive chef at ten penn tysons miles. good to see you. >> good morning. thank you for having us. >> pot stickers real dollar they date back how many years. >> i believe a thus san years. >> give or take one or two. >> he'll teach us how to do it. upping pot stickers. where do we begin. >> you again with your filling. we're using lamb here obviously you can use pork or seafood if you like we're using lamb today. we have our ground lamb that we've mixture of yellow bell peppers, diced hal mean nass, red pepper flake a little bit of spice, ground fennel and queue minute. obviously little salt and pepper to finish and some garlic. >> okay. >> this is our filling. here we have our wrappers. so you can buy these at asian grocery store i love shopping at h mart they have great sele selection. but any dumpling wrapper you can be a wonton wrapper
10:50 am
use the round ones. if you can't find round, square will work too. we have our filling here. i use a little scoop. you can use a tablespoon if you don't have one of these. lightly moisten. >> the outside. >> the outside. >> you hand do these all at ten penn. >> we do, that's right. >> wow. >> okay. >> now, some of the restaurants get really fancy with the amount of creases they put in. they'll do at love inn trip indicate folds we do simpler fold here for the home use. here you go. >> okay. >> double wrapper there. >> yeah. >> and basically you want to just make sure the edges are sealed. and then we kind of flatten the meat a little bit and want to make sure there's no air pocks. >> okay. >> that's the gift of it. >> i'll try. go for it. >> how many pot stickers do you make on any given night. >> oh, i would say between 150 to 200 depends. >> is there like a dedicated pot sticker person?
10:51 am
>> i guess so. wow. >> all right. >> yeah we offer this at happy hour and it's quite popular. >> you guys just recently moved to tysons forever you were downtown. >> that's correct. we opened in late november right after thanksgiving. >> how do you like the new digs isn't i mean it's beautiful building. all the equipment is brand new. i'm actually from vienna i love the commute. >> the commute, right. [ laughter ] >> you can't put a price tag on that. >> yes. >> i think i -- mine is not as pretty as yours. >> that's okay. we're going to cook it on on the on the side when you flip it over you won't see it. the important part it's all sealed that's beautiful. that's great. i have some here all ready to go you have a nice hot pan. i like to use a non stick pan work the best. the name implies they do stick. >> yeah. >> non stick pan is nice to use. did you just put olive oil in there. >> we use grape seed oil you can use a vegetable oil. you don't want to use olive oil it has a lower smoking point and could bn
10:52 am
>> okay. >> any vegetable oil you have at your house will be fine. >> okay. >> and then you put them on one side, right. >> the idea we're going to pan fry the bottom get nice crispy golden brown. okay. and then we're going to use a lid if you don't have a lid for your pan you can take another pan and slightly smaller and put it on top. you want to have little bit of, um, room to lift it if you need tom add little bit of water. so now we're steaming so the combination of frying and steaming. >> i got it pan frying the bottom but steaming the inside, right. >> to help it cook. >> this would probably be good time to talk about how these came to be. because it real wall a story of when you mess it up make it up. >> well, a lot of famous dishes have come about this way where actually a cook or chef made a mistake and this in this instance he was cooking dumplings whoever it was, i don't know -- >> thousand years ago. >> thousand years ago. the chef over ck
10:53 am
to dumplings but rather rather he didn't have time to ticket. he went with it brought it out and they loved it. so now you can say the trend stuck i guess you can say. >> that's hilarious. burn on one side -- >> not quiet burn but cooked more than you normally would. >> charred. exactly. then you just tell people that's how it was meant to be? in exactly. yes. julia child says that once. never apologize. >> there you go. >> how long on one side then? >> about two minutes. >> you never flip them. >> we flip them when they're done they cook entirely on the one side and steaming the other side is steaming from the water. >> right. look. i did three. >> so about two to three minutes give or take. if you want -- if you want to check the progress you can gently lift and see you have nice brown there. now the second part we have the brown going. second part make sure the lamb is cook all the way. >> how do you do that. >> i feel by the firmness. >> he's a professional chef. >> right. obviously you can use a thermomete i
10:54 am
>> in each little pot sticker? >> if you're really concerned about food safety. >> obviously lamb you can eat medium rare if you're cooking pork you want to make sure you cook it all the way. >> in general how long would it take to cook them. >> about three to five minutes at the most. >> okay. so that's not too bad. >> no. very quick dish. >> now do you guys always do the lamb as your filling? >> right now we do. i think in the future we might change it up right now we're doing the lamb. we do mediterranean twist we serve it with hot mustard sauce. it's used in mediterranean cuisine twist to that we finish. we use a little asian hot mustard. this is japanese brand but you can use chinese dry it's actual a powder. >> all of this you can find in like -- the more specific stuff you can find in like an asian super market. >> you have low thai and h mart and in virginia that are great sources for those thing. >> and this is the finish product. >> that's the finish project. i'm sorry. >> eighths project. i mean from start to
10:55 am
eighths project. >> you can tell they're getting done. see how they ballooned the steam inside has come um and really ballooned up. that's a good way to know that it's basically done. >> are we going to try the hot ones or those? >> you can try the hot ones. >> ooh, okay. >> one, two, three, 45. there's five of them, guys. one for each of us. >> okay. >> give me one moment. >> then we just put the little sauce on? >> yup. this is a little bit of hot mustard give you a little bit of that kind of wasabi hot mustard nasal burn. [ laughter ] >> no other way to describe it. okay. so we'll just place these ar around. there. five and i'll take them on over there. it would be awesome. miles thank you so much for coming in and giving us our asian cooking lesson.esson. thanks for having me. >> looks fabulous. make sure you check out ten penn in tysons corner they'd love to have you and pot stickers always a good happy hour treat. >> i'll take this over to the gang. here we go.
10:56 am
>> y >> tucker stole your seat. >> come sit by me. >> do we want to do any tweets while we -- >> no tweets. >> maybe we can roll back to that erin video the people were saying hi to me. >> oh, my god. [ laughter ] >> thursday 49 day in the 80s. we'll be in the 80s this afternoon, sunny, partial sunny midday. look for thunderstorms late this afternoon. we could have a few later today. >> that's it. >> do i need to come talking. >> we got some tweets. happy birthday melissa. can i get a shout out? >> absolutely. >> okay. >> you know penguins will always dash the caps dreams. >> looking like that will be the matchup again. >> this will be our year. i don't usually watch the news too much but i really love good day dc. >> we love you too. >> you should probably end -- >> wisdom was blushing. >> i was blushing. [ laughter ] >> all
10:57 am
>> can we try them. >> pass one and pass it on. >> i am groot. i will never wash my hair again. new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it.
10:58 am
so tangles don't stand a chance. because strong is beautiful. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doing? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching my show today. say hello to my -h


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